10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Metal Detector

If you are a beginner, there is a great chance that you will spend, or have spent, time researching on the different brands of metal detectors on offer. There’s a good chance too that you were wowed by the cool features and the shine that comes with a new device.

But what if you didn’t have the money to spend on that attractive yet expensive metal detector on offer in the stores? Would it mean that you would be forced to forego your hobbies and adventures? Certainly, not as used metal detectors offer a great alternative to buying new ones.

They are cheaper and you might be surprised that some are just as good as those offered in the stores. This guide enumerates some 10 benefits you will get by investing in a pre-owned metal detector.

Prices are affordable

New detectors are often priced highly depending on make and degree of efficiency. It’s not uncommon to find detectors costing in the upward of $1000 when they are new. Opting to purchase a used unit will save you a significant amount of money as they are often priced much lower than the newer ones.

Chance to test out the detector on offer.

Unlike dealing with rigid salesmen in stores when buying a new metal detector, sellers of used detectors often allow those interested to actually test the detector outdoors. In most instances, you will be buying the device from an acquaintance meaning there is some degree of guarantee that informational you get from the seller will be less of a sales pitch.

Expert advice readily available.

The fact that a seller of a second hand metal detector can allow you room to test it means you can seek assistance from your buddies who are well acquitted with such devices. This can be especially helpful if you belong to a metal detecting club. You can even ask some trusted colleague to accompany you to the testing site just to have a second opinion.

You can have the safety gears as well.

As enumerated earlier, most of those selling metal detectors are acquaintances in the neighborhood or are easily accessible. This means the buy process will be more of a mutual dealing than the hurried sales process in the stores. You can leverage on the mutual trust in the deal to borrow some safety such as knee pads so that you can test the item out. This will definitely save you a significant chunk of money and enable you to start using the equipment outright.

Chance to buy an older versions

Technology advances have led to great changes in the metal detectors are designed and operated. The downside to this is that it’s hard to come across older but visually appealing versions of some detectors in the stores. Fortunately, there is a good chance you can find those versions in the second hand markets.

You can get a detector that fits your needs.

If you are a beginner in treasure scouting, you will find the journey to find the right metal detector a humongous task. Why so? With hundreds of brands on offer in the stores, it’s hard to find a detector that suits your needs to the detail. When buying a pre-owned though, there is a good chance you will meet the sellers in the fields. You can learn what makes the device ideal for such environments, the best ways to use them and anything else in between.

Creates room for upgrading in future

If you would want to buy an expensive brand of metal detector but don’t have the funds now, buying a second hand one is sensible as you wait to have the cash for the bigger catch. An old piece might also be a good learning aid as you develop the mastery in treasure hunt world. Eventually, you will be able to handle the new detector with skill and more care once you have bought it.

Saves on time

Nowadays, most of the purchases are completed from online stores and basements. This is especially true for individuals who come from areas where treasure hunting are less popular. This means getting a new detector fits their needs can take forever. Pre-owned detectors offer a good alternative as they can help save the time you would have wasted while waiting for your overseas order to arrive.

Assurance of a tested device

Sometimes you don’t have to buy an old detector just because new detectors aren’t available. Buying equipment that you have previously handled and liked will be a better option than a new version you know nothing about. You have the guarantee that the device actually works.

Better resale value

A new equipment loses value the very time it leaves the store. This means that if you are intending to resell your detector later, a used equipment has a better resale value than a new one. If you are business minded, then a pre-owned item is your best bet.

Tips on selecting a used metal detector

Check the condition

People sell items for different reasons and these may range from the need to upgrade, to wanting to discard the item in totality and even getting rid of an irreparable tool. Ascertain that whatever detector you are about to purchase is in acceptable condition.

Consider the intended purpose

Different brands have different characteristics and features. Likewise, metal detectors vary in weight, swing speeds and even section separation. Put your facts in order with regard to intended use and the area of operation.

Think of the users

Who will be the users of the metal detector? Will there be need to adjust the detector from time to time? Well, if the item will be used across the board, it’s important to ensure it has scalability features. These may include size of the pole, if the arm cup is adjustable and how flexible are the boards and the controls.

Budgetary limitations

You certainly have a set budget and you don’t have to waste time researching on wide range of metal detectors that are out of your league. Select the brands within your budget limitations and consult widely so to get the best deal on offer.

Final word

You truly don’t need to spend a fortune buying a new metal detector when there are some good used ones on offer. However, if you want to buy the best metal detectors available now then you might want to read our Best Metal Detector Review.

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