Garrett ACE 300 Review

The Garrett ACE 300 is one of the most popular metal detectors from the brand. Many call it a level-entry metal detector as it is one of the easiest to use, has easy to learn controls and is available in a set. If you’re new to metal detecting and you’re looking for a device that will give you great results despite your lack of experience, the ACE 300 may be the metal detector you’re looking for.

Product Overview

Best Feature – With very easy to learn controls, large LCD

Wort Feature – The metal detector stem and handle are non-adjustable


  • Comes with a submersible search coil.
  • With free accessories, you need to start detecting treasure right away.
  • With free Garrett ClearSound easy to stow headphones
  • With easy to use controls, large LCD
  • With Notch, Discriminate and Sensitivity adjustments
  • With coin depth determination
  • Available four modes
  • With electronic pinpointer feature


The Garrett ACE 300 is a multi-purpose metal detector with quality features and impressive controls. It is designed to work for people who are new to metal detecting and those who would like to try their luck on land and shallow water metal detecting. It has an ergonomic design; it is easy to grasp and remains on hand with a sturdy armrest strap. It comes in a set and, thus, gives you more value for your money as you get complete accessories, including the handy ClearSound Garrett headphones.

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Who is Garrett ACE 300 Best Suited To?

The Garrett ACE 300 is for people who would like to look for the precious metal, including gold, silver, iron, aluminum, and other precious metals. It’s for land-based metal detecting enthusiasts as well as shallow water-based expeditions. It’s also for those who are looking for a complete set as it comes with all the accessories you need to start looking for buried treasure right away. Finally, this metal detector is for those who want more value for their money as they don’t need to purchase accessories anymore. A complete set will give you more value for your money.

Best Features & Benefits

The following are the most impressive features and advantage of using the Garrett ACE 300

Large and submersible search coil

The ACE 300 comes with a large and submersible search coil. A large coil can help you cover more areas. This helps if you’re searching on the beach, in the woods, and in a private area. This is a waterproof coil as well, so it can resist corrosion and rust. Take note that you must insist on waterproof coils like this one because corrosion can dramatically decrease the ability of your device to detect different metals.

With large, easy to see LCD

The large LCD is heaven-sent to people who are hard at seeing and reading small fonts. The screen is clear, and it shows only the info you need. The LCD tells you how deep the coin or target object is (2, 4, 6, or 8 + inches. It also tells you what mode you are in (zero discrimination, jewelry, relics, custom, and coins mode). The LCD also features your battery power.

Adjustable, descriptive, easy to understand control module

Everything is within reach and easy to use. You can press the + or – to fine-tune mode, discrimination, and sensitivity. A precise electronic pinpointer sits in the middle of the control panel to help you pinpoint exactly where to search for your target object.

With an ergonomic design

The stem has an ergonomic design with a slightly curved handle. The handle is well-padded to make it easier to hold the device for longer hours. The armrest is well-padded with a strap to help keep it in place even in shallow water and as you move along.

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Free ClearSound headphones

Get the handy ClearSound headphones as well as other metal detector accessories. You’ll get a control cover, a set of batteries, coil cover, coil cover installation tools, and a guide book from Garrett. Truly, these give you good value for your money.


The following are some disadvantages of the Garrett ACE 300 metal detector

With non-adjustable stem and handle

The Garrett ACE 300 would have been the perfect metal detector for beginners and seasoned users, but it lacks an adjustable stem and handle. An adjustable stem is needed by people who have longer or shorter arms. It’s hard to use a non-adjustable metal detector as you may need to bend or to strain yourself just to use this of you have longer or shorter limbs.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Garrett ACE 300

Will the Garrett ACE 300 detect all kinds of metals?

The ACE 300 is similar to other metal detectors: it cannot detect stainless steel. But it can detect expensive and prized metals and minerals like gold, silver, iron, and aluminum.

Why use a search coil cover?

A search coil cover protects the search coil, the most sensitive part of a metal detector. This is because any scrape, rust, or corrosion on the search coil can significantly reduce its efficiency. Also, a cover may help improve the efficiency of a search coil as it keeps its signal aimed towards your target object.

Can you use a metal detector on any public or private land?

Whether you’re hunting metal on public or private land, you need permission. Always seek a permit so you can show anyone that you were permitted to search the land.


Based on our review, we find the Garrett ACE 300 multi-purpose metal detector a good quality metal detector with easy to use controls and impressive features. We recommend it for people who are new to metal detecting, especially those who would like to explore the land and shallow water metal detecting. We love its ergonomic design and the fact that it comes in a set with all the accessories you need to start this hobby.

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