Garrett ACE 400 Review

Another Garrett metal detector that works for land and water conditions is the Garrett ACE 400. This metal detector is waterproof, sensitive, and can guarantee better and bigger finds thanks to its updated electronic pinpointing. This is also a set that includes the Garrett ClearSound headphone known as the best partner for all Garrett metal detectors. Let’s find out if the ACE 400 is the best metal detector for your treasure hunting needs.

Product Overview

Best Feature – Electronic Pinpointing for precise detection of targets and speedy recovery of finds.

Wort Feature – Non-adjustable stem, not good for people with longer or shorter arms.


  • With electronic pinpointing and improved discrimination features
  • With the updated adjustable frequency  and iron resolution
  • Comes with all accessories you need (search coil cover, the ClearSound Headphones, rain cover, AA batteries, instruction manual, and magazines/catalogs)
  • With five search modes and  higher frequencies
  • More value for your money with a 2-year warranty


The Garrett ACE 400 is an updated, reliable piece of equipment that helps you find your target faster and in the most convenient way using its electronic pinpointing feature. It is a robust metal detector, able to work on all environmental conditions, from land to shallow beaches. It also has an ergonomic design making it the best for long hours of hunting and detecting. And despite some flaws such as its non-adjustable stem, the ACE 400 remains as a good quality metal detector to consider for your future metal detecting activities.

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Who is Garrett ACE 400 Best Suited To?

The Garrett ACE 400 is best for land searchers as its new adjustable features make it able to detect treasure from trash using small adjustments. It is for shallow water hunters, too, as it is waterproof and ready to work under the rain, sleet or snow, and at the beach.

This metal detector is for first-time users as it is easy to use and handle, plus it’s easy to understand. Because it comes with all the accessories you need to start metal detecting, it is best for novice users and also for those looking for more value for their money. 

Best Features & Benefits

The following are the best features and advantages of the Garrett ACE 400.

Improved electronic pinpointing

With enhanced electronic pinpointing, you can zero-in on your target in the fastest and most efficient manner. By just pressing one button, you can make this metal detector find the object you’re looking for rather than dig through the trash. No need to use a handheld or extra pinpointer. Use the pinpointer with the notch discrimination according to the object that you’re trying to find. With this feature, you can get more success in your hunts than other metal detectors.

With an enhanced adjustable frequency

You can finally find smaller objects like rings, coins, and gold bits because of this metal detector’s adjustable frequency. It also comes with an improved iron resolution to identify iron metals and discriminate it so you can look for more valuable metals.

Comes with all the accessories you need

The ACE 400 comes with the DD waterproof coil measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, large and ready to find smaller precious objects in larger areas. Your purchase also comes with an adjustable armrest strap, a search coil hardware set, a set of AA batteries, a catalog, and an issue of the Garrett Searcher Magazine.

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Waterproof and ready

The coil is waterproof and is corrosion-free. This means longer life for your coil and better performance on land and water in all weather conditions. You can take this hunting in the woods, in parks, private lands, at the beach or near streams and brooks.

Easy to use controls

The ACE 400 is known for being one of the easiest to use. The controls are easy to learn with adjustments done digitally. You can make faster and more efficient adjustments on the go.

Large LCD

The LCD is huge, with easy to read numbers, symbols, and labels. You can check the mode you’re in (zero-disc, jewelry, relics, custom mode, or coins) and coin depth (2, 4, 6, and 8+ inches”). With the LCD, adjust the device’s sensitivity levels to find iron, aluminum, gold coins, and jewelry or silver coins.  

Ergonomic features

The handle is well-padded while the armrest is slightly padded but comfortable. A convenient strap keeps the armrest on your arm always. This is great, especially when you’re searching for objects on the beach.


Non-adjustable stem

The only problem with the Garrett ACE 400 is its non-adjustable stem. People who have longer or shorter arms need an adjustable stem to adjust the length of the device according to their needs. This would have been a perfect metal detector if it had this feature.

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What are metals that cannot be detected by the Garret ACE 400?

The ACE 400 cannot distinguish stainless steel because it has no conductivity.

Can you find gold with the Garrett ACE 400?

Yes, it is sensitive to gold and can find gold jewelry, nuggets, and coins. It can discriminate against other non-precious metals from gold using its notch discr settings.

Can you use the Garrett ACE 400 underwater?

No, this may be a waterproof metal detector, but it cannot be submerged in deep water.


We recommend the Garrett ACE 400 for beginners and seasoned metal detector users. It is an updated piece of equipment that can help you locate target objects faster and more efficiently using its electronic pinpointing feature. You can rely on this robust metal detector as it is made from quality materials with a waterproof coil, and thus, it’s able to work on all conditions. The ACE 400 also has an ergonomic design to keep your arms and hands comfortable under long hours of hunting and detecting.

And even if it has a non-adjustable stem, the ACE 400 remains as a good metal detector to consider for your next metal detecting adventures. It also comes as a set with all the accessories you need and has a generous 2-year warranty. If you think that the Garrett ACE 400 is the best one for you, check this out at this link.