Fisher F22 Review

Fisher F22 Review

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The Fisher F22 is a metal detector with a weatherproof design and submersible coil. It is a multi-purpose device, which means it can be used in land, shallow water, and to detect for gold. It is a rugged metal detector that can withstand hours and hours of use. Whether you’re new to metal detecting or you’re a seasoned hobbyist, the F22 could be the submersible metal detector device that’s right for you. Let’s find out with this special Fisher F22 review.

Product Overview

Best Feature – Fisher F22 has a weatherproof and submersible search coil.

Wort Feature – Non-adjustable stem and absent strap for the armrest.


  • With a rugged, weatherproof design
  • With a submersible, durable search coil
  • All-purpose metal detector
  • With adjustable iron audio
  • With precise electronic pinpointer
  • With four different modes (jewelry, artifact, custom, and coin)
  • With notch and discrimination adjustments
  • With an ergonomic handle and armrest


The Fisher F22 is a robust, easy to use a metal detector. It is a multi-functional metal detector able to find artifacts, coins, jewelry, and custom. It is easy to understand and easy to use with its large and clear LCD. The coil is submersible and huge, making this ideal for finding objects in wider areas. It may not be as flexible as other metal detectors because it lacks an adjustable stem and handles but it remains comfortable to use even for longer hours. The Fisher F22 could be the metal detector device you’ve been looking for.

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Who is Fisher F22 Best Suited To?

The Fisher F22 metal detector is best suited for people who would like to search for precious metals, jewelry, gold and silver coins, and gold nuggets. It allows you to move from land to shallow water because of its submersible coil. It is waterproof and rugged, making it a good device for all weather conditions. It’s for first-timers as it has an easy to use control panel with all the features you need. It’s also for seasoned users as it is reliable and very efficient.

Best Features & Benefits

The following are the best features of the Fisher F22 metal detector, as well as its many benefits.

A weatherproof, multi-purpose metal detector

The Fisher F22 can be used in almost all environments. Use it on land, and it will help you find what you’re looking for using its large and tough search coil. When it rains, don’t worry as this device is waterproof. If you want to move from land to water as when you’re tracking something at the beach, you can. It is submersible but only in shallow water.

Robust design

The device is ready to go with a robust body, a very dependable control panel, and a very durable coil. The armrest allows the user to keep the detector on him at all times, but it lacks a strap. This metal detector lets you move confidently from land to water without adding or attaching any accessory.  

With visual target identification

Easily locate your target and identify it from other objects surrounding it with this metal detector. It will allow you to check the depth of the object and find it from the trash. And with the special pinpointer, you can closely detect your target for easy retrieval.

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With adjustable iron audio

Adjust the audio so you can easily distinguish your target. Because of its large search coil, it can quickly find your target from a large area. The iron tone keeps you focused on your search even when the area you’re working on is very busy or very noisy.

Comfortable handle and armrest

The handle is well-padded with a thick foam while the armrest is also padded. You can reduce strain as you use this metal detector for longer hours.


Here are some disadvantages of the Fisher F22 metal detector. Consider these as you select the best metal detector for your needs.

Non-adjustable stem and handle

The stem is non-adjustable as well as the handle. This makes it harder for people with shorter or longer arms to use this metal detector. Tall people would have to bend down to bring the search coil closer to the ground while short people and kids may find this too awkward to use.

No strap for the armrest

The armrest needs a strap as you need to strap this device to your arm as you move. A strap also prevents the metal detector from moving unnecessarily as you zero in on your target. If you’re working on water or shallow water, a strap on the armrest will prevent the detector from being swept away by strong currents.

No headphones

Sadly, this Fisher metal detector model does not come with free headphones. But you can use any kind of headphone instead.

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Can you take the Fisher F22 to the beach?

Yes, you can use the Fisher F22 to the beach because it’s weatherproof and comes with a submersible search coil.

How does a pinpointer work?

The pinpointer works this way: once the metal detector has located an object from a certain depth, press the pinpointer to find out exactly how deep the object is. A pinpointer reduces errors and helps you retrieve the target without much scavenging and digging.

Can the Fisher F22 detect gold coins?

Yes, the F22 metal detector can locate gold coins. You can tweak its sensitivity and use the notch features to distinguish the metal from other minerals in the soil. Also, select the coin mode to allow the device to specifically locate gold coins. It can also find gold jewelry and gold artifacts.


We recommend the Fisher F22 because it’s robust, easy to use, and ideal for all-around metal detecting activities. It is a multi-functional metal detector able to find artifacts, coins, and jewelry. It is easy to use with its large and clear LCD, submersible, and huge search coil and ergonomic features. The F22 may not be as flexible as other metal detectors as it does not have an adjustable stem and handle, but it remains comfortable.