Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Review

The all-analog Tracker IV from Bounty Hunter is a no-nonsense metal detector that can help you find land-based relics, coins, buried treasure, and precious metals up to 3 feet deep. It has simple controls, just the basic features you’ll ever need to find your target objects. It is reliable, easy to use, and will work best for beginners and experts, young and old alike. If you’re thinking of getting the Tracker IV, check this review to find out more about this simple, rugged metal detector.

Important Points

Best Feature – The Tracker IV from Bounty Hunter is rugged and ideal for extreme environments.

Wort Feature – This metal detector is all-analog, switches, and meters for traditional metal detecting.


  • Rugged will work with all land environments
  • Can detect small to large objects up to 3 feet
  • With an easy preset ground balance
  • With notch, disc and sensitivity adjustments
  • Operates at high frequency
  • With ergonomic features


This Bounty Hunter metal detector with an analog interface. It is reliable, rugged, and ideal for all types of land-based hunting and prospecting. It has a very durable body with a small, basic, yet powerful control panel where you can easily tweak your sensitivity and various operating features. You can also connect any type of headphones/headset to listen to your target for more accurate detection. It is light, easy to carry anywhere. And despite some flaws, this remains a good quality level-entry metal detector.

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Who is Tracker IV Best Suited To?

The Tracker IV is best suited for beginners who would like to learn basic, analog detection before they can venture into high-tech, updated detectors. It is for land-based hunting for people who want to look for buried treasure, relics, gold coins, and other metals deep in the ground. It is also for those who want a no-nonsense metal detector they can use anywhere. It’s for beginners and professionals alike.

Best Features & Benefits

The following are the best features of the Tracker IV metal detector

Rugged and ready for any ground conditions

Despite having all-analog components, this metal detector is dependable and rugged, and thus, it’s perfect for all kinds of ground conditions.  Take note; this is only for land use as it’s not waterproof or submersible.

With basic features

If you’re new to the metal detecting hobby, then it would be best to start with an analog metal detector with simple or basic features. It is easy to learn and master as it only has three switches: sensitivity, disc/notch, and an all-metal switch. Use the sensitivity to fine-tune your search and detect the target fast. Meanwhile, the disc/notch helps you program the detector to distinguish from your target and other objects.

With a high operating frequency

This works under 6.7 kHz, and thus, it’s best at locating all kinds of metals even in the toughest conditions. Locate gold, silver, and other precious metals with ease. Find your target metals even when there are other objects and obstructions because of its high operating frequency.

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With easy to read analog display

With an analog display meter, it’s very easy to identify if the metal detector has detected the metal you’re looking for. Any fluctuations in the meter tell you that your target object is within range. Use the headphone port to connect any standard headphone to the detector and to listen for signal confirmation.

With an ergonomic handle and armrest

This metal detector is designed to be easy to use as you can maintain the proximity of the search coil on your target without undue strain on your hands and wrists. Sadly, the stem is non-adjustable, but the handle is covered with thick foam that keeps your hands protected and comfortable. Because you don’t need to strain your eyes checking on an LCD reading instead,  you only have to check for meter fluctuations; it is easy to read this device no matter where you’re hunting.


The following are some disadvantages of using this metal detector

Has no strap for the armrest

A strap on the armrest seems to be missing from this analog metal detector’s design. The strap here will keep the device on your person always and makes it easier to move about. 

All-analog style and features

Some young beginner users may not like the analog-style and thus may opt to use other electronic-type metal detectors. Although some users think this is more efficient and easier to use, some may not be too keen on this kind of device, saying it’s outdated or unreliable.

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These are the most frequent questions for the Tracker IV

Can you use this metal detector underwater?

No, the Tracker IV is only for land use. It is not waterproof and not submersible.

Is there a special type of headset or headphone to use with the metal detector called Tracker IV?

You don’t need a particular type of headset or headphone to use with the Tracker IV. You can use any standard headphones.

Can you change the coil of the Tracker IV?

Just like most metal detectors, you can upgrade the search coil of the Tracker IV metal detector.


The Tracker IV metal detector is an analog metal detector and may not be liked by most users, but we have seen that it’s reliable, rugged, and will work with all types of land-based hunting, treasure hunting, and gold prospecting. This has a very durable body with a basic control panel where you can easily fine-tune sensitivity and various operating features. It works with all types of headphones/headset to listen to your target. Combine visual with audio confirmation to zero in on your target easily. We also like it because it is light, easy to carry anywhere.

And even if it has some flaws and its analog design, we still recommend this for beginner hunters and also for experienced users. If you think that this Bounty Hunter metal detector is the ideal metal detector for your needs, check this out at this link.