Garrett AT Pro Review

Garrett is one of the most trusted names in metal detectors. This brand has a variety of metal detecting equipment from basic to expert detectors and from land to underwater metal detectors. And when it comes to Garrett’s most popular models, the AT Pro leads the way. Let’s find out why many trust the Garrett AT Pro and why this could be your next metal detecting equipment from this review.

Product Overview

Best Feature – This is waterproof and fully submersible up to 10 feet.

Worst Feature – There is no volume control for the wired headphones.


  • Waterproof up to 10 feet or 3 meters
  • Capable of look for coins up to 10 inches deep in the ground
  • Three modes to select from (custom, coins or zero)
  • With easy to use LCD
  • Comes with the Garrett MS-2 headphones
  • With an ergonomically-designed handle and armrest
  • With a large search coil for different applications.
  • The armrest is padded and comes with a strap
  • Comes with two years warranty


The Garrett AT Pro is a waterproof and submersible, multi-functional metal detector. It is very sensitive and may be tweaked according to the sensitivity of your targeted material. This metal detector has a longer stem, more comfortable handle, and armrest. And despite lacking volume control and a non-adjustable stem, we recommend this metal detector to beginners and experienced users.  

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Who is Garrett AT Pro Best Suited To?

Because the Garrett AT Pro is waterproof and submersible, it is a good pick for underwater metal detector users and also for beach users. It is also for first-time metal detector users as it’s one of the easiest to use, with a user-friendly control panel and a free wired headset. Also, this metal detector is great on land to be used as a multi-purpose detector for different metals, for varying coin or treasure depths, and to distinguish target objects from the trash. Overall, it is a multi-purpose metal detector that can be used in almost all environments.

Best Features & Benefits

The following features and advantages make the Garrett Pro one of the most popular among most metal detector users.

For underwater and beach metal detecting use

The Garrett AT Pro is designed for underwater treasure hunters and relic finders. It’s also a good detector for the beach or shallow water use. It’s also for freshwater and saltwater with a corrosion-free search coil, stem, and handle. It is backed with Garrett’s 2-year warranty.

With an improved ground balance

Improving ground balance, especially to salt water will help keep this device in tip-top condition. You can use this to work with all kinds of metal in different environments as you can tweak this to find all kinds of metal and to distinguish treasure from trash. Maintaining ground balance also reduces depth loss and dealing with false signals. Ground balance is also important in mineralized soils or soils found in beaches and underwater.

User-friendly interface

This metal detector is easy to learn and understand. The user interface is so simple even someone new to metal detecting can understand. First, the numbers, fonts, and symbols are easy to see and understand. Even at a single glance, you can easily check for the coin depth ( 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches deep), the mode you’re in (pro, custom, coins, and zero), sensitivity levels, iron audio, and battery power.

The controls are easy to adjust with an audible click. Adjust iron discrimination, notch discrimination, and sensitivity levels by pressing the up or down buttons. A special pinpoint button zeros in on your target while the ground balance is adjusted with one press of a button.

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Easy to read LCD

The LCD is easy to read with a special backlight. Take the Garrett AT Pro metal hunting at night and use it anywhere. The screen is also very convenient for people with poor eyesight. You may also choose to listen to audio signs that your target is nearby.

Improved accuracy

The AT Pro has enhanced accuracy with the ability to tell you the exact coin depth and discriminate iron as well as other objects using the notch discrimination feature. It is very sensitive as it can also track down silver, iron, aluminum, gold, and other precious metals.

Longer stem, ergonomic handle

The stem is longer, making it easier to use even by someone with longer arms. The handle is padded and comfortable, ideal for long hours hunting and prospecting. The armrest is also comfortable with padded inner lining and a strap, so this device remains with you even during strong wind and water currents.


Non-adjustable stem

It would be best to have an adjustable stem to tailor fit users. Although the long stem is great for people who have longer arms, it’s not for small people with shorter arms.

Control panel too close to the handle

The control panel is placed very near the handle, and thus, it could be hard to adjust the control with the same hand.

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Can you use the Garrett AT Pro is looking for gold?

Yes, this metal detector can be used to look for gold. It is very sensitive and can look for gold coins up to 10 inches deep.

Can you keep the gold you’ll find with a metal detector?

You must report all your finds to local government offices in case of treasure found in public land, while those found in private land must be reported to the owner of the land. Usually, you may need to divide the value of the property with the property owner.

Are there replacement coils for the Garrett AT Pro?

Yes, there are replacement coils for all Garrett metal detectors. You must have at least one extra search coil when you go searching or hunting in case the original one breaks or malfunctions.


We recommend the Garrett AT Pro as a good metal detector for first-time treasure hunters and also for experienced users. It is a waterproof and submersible, multi-functional detector. This device is very sensitive and may be tweaked according to the qualities of the targeted material. This metal detector has a longer stem; it ensures that everyone can use it, even those with longer or shorter. 

But despite lacking volume control and a non-adjustable stem. We recommend this metal detector to beginners and experienced users. And if you think that the Garrett AT Pro is the best metal detector for you, check this product out from this link.