Best All Round Metal Detector: Top 5 Finding the Best in 2024

Best All Round Metal Detector

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Metal detectors are like magic wands, revealing hidden secrets beneath the earth, from ancient artifacts to exciting hidden loot; they open the door to countless adventures. Whether you love searching the shore, digging up history, or hunting for coins, choosing the perfect metal detector can be as big a quest as the treasure hunt itself. In this guide, I’m sharing insights from my own treasure-hunting adventures and opinions from real users to spotlight the five best versatile metal detectors available right now.

My travels have taken me across open fields and sandy beaches, where I’ve seen firsthand how a great metal detector makes the hunt even more exhilarating and increases your chances of making a fantastic find. Together with advice from other enthusiasts and experts, this guide is crafted to help you easily find your way through the broad universe of metal detecting.

Whether you’re a newbie or thinking about upgrading your gear, my experiences and those from our metal detecting community will light the way. We get the excitement of chasing after treasures unseen, and with this guide, we want to give you the know-how to go after them. So, put on your explorer’s cap, and let’s jump into metal detecting, where each beep could reveal a piece of history waiting to be rediscovered.

Our Picks for the top 5 Best All Round Metal Detector

  1. DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector – Get in Now at Amazon
  2. PANCKY Metal Detectors – Get in Now at Amazon
  3. Fisher F22 Metal detector – Get in Now at Amazon
  4. SUNPOW Metal Detector – Get in Now at Amazon
  5. Kentoktool T11 Metal Detector – Get in Now at Amazon

DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector

★★★★★ 710 ratings

The DR.ÖTEK All-Round Pinpoint Metal Detector, a versatile treasure-hunting tool perfect for enthusiasts looking to uncover hidden gold, silver, and more with heightened accuracy and ease. Designed with the latest in detecting technology, this detector features an advanced DSP Chip that enhances detection depth and sensitivity, ensuring that even the most elusive treasures don’t slip away. The DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector is your go-to for adventures, thanks to its robust 10″ IP68 waterproof coil and an expansive LCD display for straightforward navigation and tracking. Whether you’re scanning the beach, park, or ancient battlegrounds, its Strong Memory Mode will recall your settings, making every search as productive as the last.


  • Higher accuracy with the advanced DSP Chip
  • Large, clear 3″ x 2.2″ LCD display for easy viewing
  • Waterproof IP68 Coil, perfect for water and land expeditions
  • The 9.8″ wide search coil can detect objects up to 10″ deep
  • Adjustable stem and sensitivity, making it suitable for adults and kids alike
  • Strong Memory Mode saves preferred settings


  • May require some learning curve for beginners to use all advanced features efficiently


  • Large Metal Detector LCD Display: Big, clear 3″ x 2.2″ screen
  • Advanced DSP Chip: For higher accuracy in detection
  • 10″ IP68 Coil: Waterproof and durable for versatile hunting
  • 9.8″ Wide Search Coil: Powerful enough to locate objects 10″ underground
  • Adjustable Stem & Sensitivity: 42.7″ to 53.5″ adjustable length to suit various users

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PANCKY Metal Detectors

★★★★★ 4,473 ratings

This detector takes precision to new heights, offering better accuracy and a 25% increase in detection depth courtesy of an upgraded DSP Chip. Paired with a larger 10″ IP68 waterproof search coil, it becomes a formidable device for unearthing those hidden gems. The detector’s comfortable ergonomics and adjustable height add to its appeal, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all. With the intuitive, large LCD display and a variety of five different modes, every use becomes a treasure hunt in its own right.


  • Enhanced accuracy with 25% increased detection depth
  • Versatility with 5 distinct modes of operation
  • Larger, more intuitive LCD display
  • Fully adjustable height for comfortable use
  • Robust 10″ IP68 waterproof search coil for diverse environments


  • Might be slightly complex for absolute beginners due to multiple modes


  • Advanced DSP Chip
  • Large and Intuitive LCD Display
  • 5 Variable Modes of Operation
  • Height Adjustable & Ergonomic Design
  • 10-inch IP68 Waterproof Search Coil

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Fisher F22 Metal Detector

★★★★★ 1,779 ratings

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector shines as a versatile, user-friendly device tailored for treasure hunters of all levels. Featuring a 9-inch weatherproof coil, this all-purpose, high-sensitivity metal detector is designed for the effective discovery of hidden treasures lying deep beneath the surface. Additionally, its pinpoint function allows for precise location of objects, reducing the time spent digging. Praised for its ease of use, the Fisher F22 stands out with its lightweight, ergonomic design that promises comfortable handling during extended searches. Whether you’re combing the beach, park, or ancient ruins, the Fisher F22 is engineered to deliver an enjoyable and fruitful detecting experience.


  • 9-inch weatherproof coil ideal for various environments
  • High sensitivity and deep-seeking capabilities for comprehensive detection
  • Pinpoint feature for accurate target location
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design ensures comfort during long hunts
  • Easy-to-use interface welcomes both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts


  • May not have the advanced features desired by professional treasure hunters


  • 9 Inch Weatherproof Coil: Ready for all-weather conditions.
  • High-Sensitivity and Deep Seeking: Ensures that no treasure goes undetected.
  • Pinpoint Function: Allows for precise locating, making digging more efficient.
  • Easy to Use: Straightforward controls and settings.
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic & Comfortable: Designed for hours of comfortable hunting.

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SUNPOW Metal Detector

★★★★★ 1,263 ratings

The SUNPOW Metal Detector, a professional-quality tool designed for precision and depth. Capable of reaching 10” depths, this detector uses advanced technology to ensure high accuracy in your hunts. Equipped with five strong detection modes – Pinpoint, Disc, Notch, All Metal, and Volume – customization is at your fingertips, allowing for an optimally tailored detecting experience. The GC-1083 model boasts strong anti-interference features, guaranteeing clarity during your searches. Crafted with an adjustable stem and an IP68 waterproof search coil, the SUNPOW Metal Detector is perfectly suited for adventures in any environment.


  • Professional-level accuracy and up to 10” detection depth
  • Multiple detection modes offer a tailored treasure hunting experience
  • Strong anti-interference ensures clear detection
  • Adjustable for comfort and ease of use across various environments
  • The IP68 waterproof search coil is suitable for land and underwater searches


  • Multiple modes may require a learning curve for beginners


  • Professional Waterproof High Accuracy Detection
  • 10” Deeper Detection Depth
  • 5 Strong Detection Modes: Pinpoint, Disc, Notch, All Metal & Volume modes
  • Strong Anti-Interference-GC-1083
  • Adjustable Metal Detector
  • IP68 Waterproof Search Coil

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Kentoktool T11 Metal Detector

★★★★ 1,263 ratings

A device designed for both beginners and professionals alike. With an advanced US microchip 10″ coil gold detector, it guarantees superior accuracy for a seamless and rewarding search experience. Precision and sensitivity are given the forefront in this model with its 10-level settings, promising a finely tuned detection process. Its four operating modes and nine metal detections provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring no treasure goes unnoticed. The T11 offers a deeper detection capacity and exceptional durability with an IP68 waterproof search coil. To top it all, an upgraded ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling for long treasure hunts.


  • High accuracy with an advanced US microchip 10″ coil gold detector
  • 10 level precision and sensitivity for a finely tuned detection process
  • Offers comprehensive coverage with 4 operating modes and 9 metal detections
  • Deeper detection and IP68 waterproof coil for a wider range of environments
  • Upgraded innovative ergonomic design for enhanced comfort during extended use


  • Its multiple modes and options might seem overwhelming for absolute beginners


  • Higher Accuracy Metal Detector: Advanced US microchip 10″ coil gold detector
  • 10 Level Precision & Sensitivity: Tailor your experience for optimum detection
  • 4 Operating Modes & 9 Metal Detections: Allows comprehensive coverage for a variety of treasure hunts
  • Deeper Detection & IP68 Waterproof Search Coil: Suitable for a wide range of environments
  • Upgraded Innovative Ergonomic Design: Designed for long hours of comfortable use

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What is an All Round Metal Detector?

An all-round metal detector is like a trusty Swiss Army Knife, built to fit all sorts of treasure hunting escapades instead of focusing on one specialty like gold hunting or beach detecting. These devices are crafted for good performance across multiple settings–be it parks, beaches, forests, or fields. This makes them perfectly suited for those treasure seekers who love to probe different landscapes for all sorts of find, from coins and jewelry to historical artifacts, and occasionally, gold.

One key trait of these all-rounders is their flexibility. They commonly come equipped with settings that you can adjust like sensitivity, filters to weed out the stuff you don’t want, and different search modes to cater to a variety of hunting scenarios, such as hunting for all kinds of metals, coins, or jewelry. Some even feature waterproof coils for those excited forays into shallow waters. The objective is to offer a detector that perfectly balances detection depth, sensitivity, and the ability to tell between different types of metal targets, making it easy to use for newbies and seasoned detectorists alike.

In short, an all-round metal detector is about achieving the right balance and being adaptable. It’s engineered to give a pleasing performance for a range of metal detecting adventures, doing away with the need for several specialised detectors. It’s an ideal match for treasure hunting enthusiasts who revel in the excitement of uncovering varied treasures and love having a single, reliable detector for all their adventures.

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best All Round Metal Detector

1. Detection Functionality

A superior metal detector is defined by its ability to detect metallic objects with depth and precision. Opt for devices that provide a fine balance between sensitivity and discrimination. High sensitivity will assist in locating smaller or deeply buried items, while effective discrimination helps weed out undesirable metals. Adjustable settings are a bonus, offering versatility for different scenarios and objectives.

2. Search Coil

The detecting experience is heavily influenced by the search coil’s size and type on your detector. Larger coils boast a wider coverage and deeper detection, although they may overlook smaller objects. Conversely, small coils offer higher sensitivity to minute objects, and their lightness allows for better maneuverability. If you plan to explore around water or damp areas, waterproof coils are a must-have.

3. Ergonomics and Weight

Comfort is paramount when it comes to metal detecting, given you may be operating your device for lengthy periods. Models with less weight help fight arm fatigue, while ergonomic design guarantees comfortable grip and handling. Detectors with adjustable rods can fit users of varying heights, adding to the device’s overall versatility.

4. Operating Mechanisms

The ability to switch between multiple operating modes can notably boost your detecting efficiency. Modes like all-metal, discrimination, pinpoint, and dedicated settings for gold or coins allow you to tailor your detecting process based on your surroundings and target. This level of customization can conserve time and raises the chances of profitable finds.

5. User-Friendliness

Particularly for newbies, an intuitive interface and easy-to-grasp controls are vital. Seek a detector that blends simple functionality with advanced options, thus providing room for growth as your experience expands.

6. Durability and Weather-Resistance

Think about the diverse outdoor conditions and environments you’ll be exploring. Go for a detector designed to sustain regular use outdoors. Elements like weather resistance and sturdy build help ensure durability.

7. Financial Considerations

While the priciest model may not be the ultimate choice for all, investing in a reliable metal detector from an established brand can yield dividends in the long run. Strike a balance between your budget and vital features, keeping in mind that a good detector can often pay for itself with the treasures you unearth.


The ultimate all-round metal detector will meet your exact treasure hunting ambitions, be comfortable to manage for prolonged intervals, and possess the versatility to perform well across various environments. Spare some time to conduct proper research, consult reviews, and if feasible, trial different models before making your purchase. This careful strategy will help make your metal detecting journey not just enjoyable, but also genuinely rewarding.

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