How to Use a Metal Detector?

Ready to start detecting? Before you begin, it’s important to know how and where to set up your metal detector. A good setup will save you time—and possibly even your life☻! Using a metal detector is easy and fun, so you can enjoy all the benefits of finding treasure without having to worry about getting… Continue reading How to Use a Metal Detector?

How Do Metal Detectors Work

Lots of people wonder how metal detectors work. Of course, there are as many different types of metal detectors as there are kinds of metal. Some use loops, while others use coils. Some use very simple components, while others have lots of knobs and switches on their control boxes. However, the basic principles remain the… Continue reading How Do Metal Detectors Work

How Much is a Metal Detector

You’ve probably seen them on TV and in movies: people running around fields, beaches, and parks looking at the ground, trying to find that one spot that will yield a treasure. It’s such a tempting fantasy, isn’t it? But does it really work? Can you really find gold coins and lost jewelry using just your… Continue reading How Much is a Metal Detector