Discovery 3300 Metal Detector Review

Bring home the bounty with the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300. This is a metal detector with impressive features able to find all kinds of precious metals accurately, even in highly mineralized soils. This device has a simple user interface with easy to use controls. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner user, you’ll surely appreciate its accuracy and progressive features. This is a review of the Discovery 3300 to help you find out if this is the right metal detector for your needs.

Product Overview

Best Feature – The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 can detect different kinds of metals deep in mineralized soils.

Wort Feature – This metal detector has a very small LCD screen, small fonts.


  • With improved manual ground balance for all types of environmental conditions
  • With three-digit target ID
  • With notch, disc, pinpoint and all-metal features
  • With an easy preset ground balance
  • Able to identify different targets
  • With ergonomic handle and armrest


The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 metal detector is a reliable, rugged, and ready metal detector that can give you accurate results thanks to its improved manual ground balance. It is known for its deep-seeking capabilities and precise metal detecting for all metal and many more. It is reliable on land, especially on mineralized soils. It also comes with ergonomic features, and thus it’s comfortable to use whether you’re new or you’re an expert metal detector user.

Who is Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Best Suited To?

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 is best for land metal detecting. All its features like manual ground balance, deep-seeking features, and discrimination are all great for land prospecting and hunting. It is for people looking for an easy to use device as well as a comfortable, easy to carry detector. The Discovery 3300 is lightweight, great for prospecting to different areas, especially in rugged environments.

Best Features & Benefits

The following are the top features of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

Manual adjustment for ground balance

Ground balance is necessary for all metal detectors, as this reduces the loss of depth and incorrect signals. By manual adjustment of ground balance, you can improve the detector’s depth, especially in heavily mineralized soils. If you live in an area where soil contains high amounts of iron or you want to hunt at the beach, then this feature will work great for you.

Deep-seeking qualities

This metal detector can seek all kinds of metal deeply. It can zero in on metal coins, precious metals, and for all metals even when you’re looking in mineralized soil. Also, once it has detected the target from a certain depth, use the pinpointer to immediately locate the target and easily and safely retrieve it ASAP.

With updated metal detecting features you need

There are many terms to remember, but the Discovery 3300 makes it simpler. It comes with progressive discrimination, notch, motion all-metal, and pinpoint settings. It also comes with pre-set ground balance if you want to automatically preset the device before use. Finally, it tells you the coin depth so you can find your target quickly.

Can identify different targets

Use this metal detector to quickly find different targets. Find all kinds of metals, including gold, silver, iron, aluminum, and many more. Use this to detect small to large objects with ease. With the notch and discrimination, you can find what you need easily by discriminating against all other objects from the target.

With ergonomic features

The Discovery 3300 is designed to keep close watch of the LCD screen as you keep the search coil close to the ground. There’s no strain on the neck and back. The handle is padded, but this is only made of thin foam.


Consider the following disadvantages of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 metal detector before you buy this model.

Very small LCD

The LCD is small with no backlight, and thus, it’s hard to see the readings. A larger LCD would have made this detector more user friendly. 

Non-adjustable stem

The stem is non-adjustable, and this makes it hard to use by people with shorter or longer arms. Someone tall would need to bend to keep the coil aimed at the ground while a short person or a child would find it hard to use this device as it’s too long for their arms.

No armrest strap

The armrest strap is a small but very important component of an efficient metal detector. The strap helps keep the device with you as you move or as you use this in rough terrain. Something simple as a strap can help steady the detector, so it’s easier to find your target. Sadly, this is not included in the Discovery 3300.


The following are the most frequently asked questions about the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

How deep can the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 detect?

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 can detect targets up to 8 inches + deep.  This device easily detects metals using its notch and discrimination features even in mineralized soil.

Can you use the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 underwater?

No, the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 is only for land use or beach use as it is not submersible.

Can you change the coil of a Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 metal detector?

Just like all metal detectors, yes, you can change the coil of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300. You can use Bounty Hunter coils or other brands as this device is fully compatible.


We are happy with the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 metal detector as it is a reliable, rugged, and capable metal detector that produces great results. It has impressive features that contribute to its success. It has improved manual ground balance, updated deep-seeking capabilities, and precise metal detecting for all kinds of metal. It works great on land, especially on mineralized soils despite some flaws.

The Discovery 3300 also comes with ergonomic features, and thus, it’s very easy and comfortable to use even for longer hours. We recommend this to all users, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. And if you think that the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 metal detector is the best for you, check this product out from this link.