The 5 Best Metal Detector for Beach

Best Metal Detector for Beach

According to a report from, there is around $771 trillion worth of gold that’s under the ocean. Most of these are from sunken ships, shipwrecks with gold treasures, jewels, coins, and artifacts. This is no wonder treasure hunters look for the best metal detector for beach use or specialized metal detectors for underwater use. These special pieces of equipment are waterproof and are very sensitive to be able to detect gold, silver, and other precious metals.

What is the best metal detector at the beach?

There are three types of metal detectors. There are land-based metal detectors, which are also called multi-purpose detects, which can find all kinds of metals on land. The other type is a gold detector, which is specially designed for finding gold.

The final type is an underwater or beach metal detector which is waterproof, submersible, and sensitive to find metal and other precious metals, relics and coins underwater. For people looking for washed away treasure or other precious metals at the beach, a beach metal detector is the best one to go. 

How did we choose these top five metal detectors for beach use?

We have five metal detector for beach use. We were able to come up with this list by checking out the best beach use metal detectors an These five top products have the best quality, high ratings, and good features. We know that one of these good-quality metal detectors for beach use will fit your needs.

Here are the top five best metal detectors for beach use. Find the one that will suit your treasure hunting and coin collecting activities.

Best Metal Detector for Beach

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Consumer Score: 90%, gave it a 4.5 out of 5

A Garrett metal detector with a submersible and sensitive search coil


  • Equipped with a graphic target ID function
  • With an accept/reject notch to ignore the trash
  • Automatic pinpoint
  • With multiple levels of sensitivity and coin depth
  • Ergonomic handle and padded armrest
  • With large, submersible and sensitive search coil


  • With no armrest strap
  • Non-adjustable handle
  • Does not come with a headset

The Garrett ACE 300 is a metal detector made for the beach. This is equipped with a submersible search coil that is more sensitive than other metal detectors. This has a graphic target ID feature that helps you detect treasure from trash using only a few adjustments.

Use the reject and accept notch that offers specific detection of your target and, at the same time, ignore unwanted items. It also comes with an easy pinpoint feature to help you recover items quickly. Meanwhile, the sensitivity controls are available in eight levels to help you use this in different conditions.

The handle is very comfortable and well-padded, and the armrests are non-padded but don’t have any strap. The LCD screen is large and provides all the information you need, like the current mode, coin depth, and sensitivity range.

This beach metal detector is easy to use and can be used by first-time users and also by expert metal detector users. 

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Consumer Score: 90%, gave it a 4.5 out of 5

A Bounty Hunter metal detector with variable tone and computerized balancing.


  • With variable tones
  • Comes with a pinpoint mode and coin depth indicator
  • Audio can be adjusted
  • Large and readable LCD
  • Computerized balancing
  • Padded armrest


  • No armrest strap
  • No headset

The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger is a professional metal detector that comes with enhanced features. It uses a V-Break for variable tone breakpoint and pinpoint mode for easy detection of your target object. This device comes with an iron tone that’s fully adjustable.

This metal detector has a large LCD screen with all the information you need to find your target object. It has a menu, depth, metal frequencies, and sensitivity. Everything is within reach, and the numerical display is huge and thus is easy to see from a distance.

Meanwhile, the handle is non-adjustable, but the armrest is padded. There are no straps to keep the device on hand as you search in the water.

Fisher F44

Consumer Score: 92%, gave it a 4.6 out of 5

A Fisher metal detector with a variety of operating modes and 20 sensitivity levels.


  • With five operating modes (choose from an artifact, custom, jewelry, coin, and all-metal)
  • With 20 sensitivity levels
  • With different volume levels
  • With non-volatile memory
  • Large LCD, easy to read and check
  • Padded armrest


  • No armrest strap
  • Handle is non-adjustable

The Fisher F44 is one of the most popular brands of metal detectors and is recommended for gold prospecting, relic hunting, coin hunting, or just looking for anything valuable at the beach. It has five modes to look for different artifacts, including coins, artifacts, jewelry, custom, and all-metal modes. You can fine-tune this detector to fit your needs with up to 20 different levels of sensitivity as well as a volume control. In case you want to pack up for the day, but you want to continue searching tomorrow, you can. This device has a memory function that allows you to save your settings.

As with most metal detectors for the beach in our list, the handle is non-adjustable but has a soft and comfortable foam cover. The armrest is slightly padded but lacks a strap. This is completely waterproof and is ready to work as soon as you power it on.

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector

Consumer Score: 93%, gave it a 4.7 out of 5

A Garrett metal detector with all the accessories you need to start right away.


  • Complete accessories with wireless headphones and cap
  • Comes with a Z-Lynx Pinpointer
  • With improved depth detection and true all-metal feature
  • Bright LED screen with backlight
  • With easy to adjust the ground balance, iron disc, and audio
  • Waterproof metal detector up to 10 feet, can be used in saltwater and freshwater
  • With electronic pinpointing
  • With notch discrimination and varying sensitivity levels
  • With target depth identification
  • A large 11-inch search coil


  • Complaints with initial assembly

The Garrett AT Max is waterproof with a rugged design. This is a complete set with all the accessories you need to immediately dive right into metal detecting. This metal detector comes with a convenient LED-backlit screen so you can easily check on your readings. It has adjustable ground balance, iron audio and discrimination, and pinpointing features.

This is a submersible beach metal detector up to 10 feet. You can use it in saltwater and freshwater. Aside from these features, this metal detector also has a digital target ID, tone ID, and battery indicator. This detector is non-adjustable, but the handle has a good grip while the armrest is fully-padded and comes with a convenient strap.

You’ll have all you need, such as a Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Pinpointer that will zero in on your targeted object, a Garrett wireless headphone, and a Garrett AT cap.

sakobs Metal Detector

Consumer Score: 90%, gave it a 4.4 out of 5

A metal detector with the highest accuracy, ideal for adults and kids.


  • Highest accuracy with a waterproof search coil
  • With three modes and a true discrimination mode
  • With notch mode to distinguish trash from treasure
  • With intuitive LCD, large display
  • Adjustable ergonomic design


  • Non-adjustable handle
  • No headphones

The sakobs metal detector is a highly-accurate waterproof metal detector with a large 10-inch search coil. This device is very sensitive and can be used at the beach, in a shallow stream, or in your backyard. You can select from three modes and a discrimination mode.

The all-metal mode will tell you if the device has detected any kind of metal. The discrimination mode will differentiate thrash metal to your target metal. The notch will choose the object that will be eliminated. This can detect target metals up to 8.7 inches deep in the ground.

The display is huge, may be seen from afar. You can check on the sensitivity level, volume level, and battery levels. You can use this at night because of its night or dark mode. This is a metal detector with an adjustable stem from 41.3 to 47.6 inches, and thus, a child or an adult can use it.

You’ll get complete accessories with your purchase giving you more value for your money. The set includes a carrying bag and a small shovel. This comes with a headset jack and will fit almost all traditional headsets.


Here are five of the most commonly asked questions when buying a metal detector beach use.

How can metal detectors find gold?

Almost all metal detectors can find gold; however, some are better at it. Because gold is a conductive material, it can be detected by a metal detector using specific frequencies. Smaller bits of gold is harder to find, and this includes gold nuggets, gold coins, and gold jewelry. However, large gold pieces can be easily detected.

Can a metal detector detect all kinds of metals?

Yes, even a basic metal detector can find metals like iron, nickel, and cobalt. Some can find silver and gold. The only metal or type of metal that a metal detector cannot detect is stainless steel. This metal has very low conductivity, and thus, it will never be detected even by highly-efficient devices.

Is it okay to use your metal detector anywhere?

You cannot use a metal detector in a privately-owned land without the permission of the owner. Also, if you find the hidden treasure, you must report it to authorities. Check local laws about prospecting and looking for hidden treasure before you start. Some good areas to look for treasure are places where people once lived as they may have likely left pieces of jewelry in the area.

Are all metal detectors able to detect gold?

Yes, all-metal detectors can detect gold because gold has high conductivity. Even basic detectors can find gold, but if you want to detect gold more efficiently, we recommend a metal detector that’s designed to detect gold nuggets and gold coins. These metal detectors are more efficient and will guarantee better detection even in mineralized soils.

Can you keep any sunken treasure you find the bottom of the sea?

If you discovered a sunken treasure or buried treasure, you must declare it. When treasure (coins, jewelry, gold artifacts, and nuggets are discovered in a piece of land, the value must be divided equally among the treasure hunter and the landowner. It’s important to understand local laws about treasure hunting and prospecting before you start your activity.


From our five best metal detector for beach use, we have selected the Garrett ACE 250 beach metal detector. Our choice was because of the following reasons. First, it has a submersible search coil that is more sensitive, plus it has a graphic target ID feature that helps you sort out the treasure from trash with just a few simple adjustments.

The ACE 250 has a convenient reject and accept notch that helps you use specific detection of target and ignore unwanted items. It has a pinpoint feature to help recover items fast. You can tweak this beach metal detector using sensitivity controls in eight levels for different environmental conditions.

This Garrett metal detector has a very comfortable and well-padded handle, which is another plus for avid treasure hunters. It has a large LCD and provides all the information you need, like the current mode, coin depth, and sensitivity range.  Finally, treasure hunters love this beach metal detector because it is easy to use and works with both first-time users and seasoned users.

If you think that the Garrett ACE 250 is the best metal detector for you, check this product out from this link