The 7 Most Expensive Magnet Fishing Find

A fun fusion of treasure-seeking and caring for the environment, magnet fishing offers an array of fascinating discoveries. The waters hide a wealth of curiosities, from age-old historical artifacts and precious coins to gem-studded jewelry and more. Unveiling these rich treasures not only adds thrill to the sport but also underlines its inherent unpredictability. Let’s dive into an intriguing collection of the most remarkable and valuable finds accrued through magnet fishing, reinforcing the idea that the underwater world still holds many secrets worth unearthing.

The Spectacular Viking Axe

In 2014 a magnet fisher from the UK made an astounding discovery while fishing in a local river: an ancient Viking axe. Thought to date back to around 900 AD, the double-sided axe signified a high-status Viking warrior, making this a rare and valuable find. The artifact was found in an excellent condition, further adding to its historical and monetary value.

The Second World War Machine Guns

One of the most spectacular finds in magnet fishing history, a couple from England became international news when they recovered multiple machine guns from their local canal. The weapons, later identified as Sten guns, were standard British military issue during the Second World War. The condition of these firearms suggested that they had been packed in grease before being dumped to preserve them, likely by a resistance force anticipating a need for them in the future. The historical and collectors’ value of these weapons is immense.

Priceless Civil War Memorial Cannonball

In the United States, a pair of magnet fishers discovered an unexploded cannonball from the Civil War era in a river in Virginia. The ancient weapon is an extraordinary piece of American history, symbolizing the intensities faced during one of the nation’s toughest trials. Although categorical monetization is difficult due to its historical importance, for collectors and museums, such an item is virtually priceless.

The Fabulous Gold Locket

It is not only historical weaponry that comes up on the end of a magnet when fishing. In Australia, a teenage magnet fisher discovered a stunning gold locket from the 19th century while fishing in the Yarra River. In addition to its inherent gold value, the locket, given its age and condition (it still opened and closed correctly), represented an artifact of considerable value.

Astonishingly Preserved Bronze Age Items

In 2019, an amateur magnet fisherman discovered an incredible assortment of over 20 items dating from the Bronze Age in the River Wear, UK. This find piqued interest due to the diversity of items, ranging from axes, chisels to logboat fragments. These now sit in The British Museum, contributing valuable insights into the UK’s Bronze Age history.

Magnificent BMW Motorcycle

Although not an ancient find, unearthing a whole BMW motorcycle from a canal in Amsterdam certainly caught everyone’s attention. In a city known for bikes being occasionally dumped in canals, a motorbike is a rare find. While initial value was in question due to the abandoned bike’s condition, considering the bike when new just a few years before its discovery had been worth a good few thousand dollars, this represents one of the larger items pulled from the deep.

The Enigma Machine from World War II

In late 2020, magnet fishing made international headlines when a fisher in Germany pulled an Enigma Machine from the waters. These encryption devices, used by the Nazis during World War II to send coded messages, are of incredible historical value. Identifiable due to its keys and typewriter-like setup, this machine went to a museum for restoration and display.

Wrapping Up

These astonishing finds go to show the virtually limitless possibilities of magnet fishing. Each tale of discovery hides an underlining story waiting to be told—a story about historical periods, battles, and lives lived in a different era. This sense of mystery and the prospect of unearthing valuable possessions and significant historical remnants make magnet fishing a thrill for exploration.

Whether or not you discover something of immense material value while magnet fishing, remember this hobby’s most significant part is the thrill of the hunt and the fact that you’re helping clean the environment. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So, the next time you cast your magnet, who knows what priceless wonder awaits?

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