Magnet Fishing in Georgia: Places to Magnet Fish in Georgia

Magnet Fishing in Georgia

Magnet fishing, the exciting hobby of searching for submerged metallic objects using strong neodymium magnets, continues to gain popularity across the nation. Georgia, with its abundance of waterways and rich history, offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to uncover hidden treasures or historical artifacts steeped in Southern charm.

Top Places to Magnet Fish in Georgia

Georgia boasts numerous picturesque locations, several of which are well-suited for magnet fishing journeys. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten magnet fishing spots in Georgia where you may make your next big discovery:

Chattahoochee River

Flowing across the state of Georgia, the Chattahoochee River is an ideal location for magnet fishers to begin their adventure. The extensive river banks provide ample opportunities to uncover various relics, tools, and other historically significant items.

Lake Oconee

As one of Georgia’s largest lakes, Lake Oconee is an affluent fishing spot brimming with potential treasures. Nestled amid lush greenery, this magnet fishing location offers both a pleasant experience and a fair chance to unveil sunken artifacts.

Lake Allatoona

Conveniently situated near Atlanta, Lake Allatoona is a popular site for magnet fishing. As thousands of locals visit this lake every year, you might stumble upon fascinating finds that have ended up in the water, either accidentally or intentionally.

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier, another of Georgia’s vast, freshwater reservoirs, draws numerous visitors annually. This beautiful lake boasts intriguing underwater finds, from discarded fishing gear to antique belongings.

Augusta Canal

Built in 1845, Augusta Canal in Augusta, Georgia, is an engineering marvel and an enticing magnet fishing destination. The rich history of the waterway, combined with its strategic location, makes the canal a hotbed for potential historical artifacts and other hidden treasures.

Savannah River

This major river, bordering Georgia and South Carolina, served as a key transportation route during the colonial era. With its long existence and historical significance, the Savannah River promises enticing prospects for magnet fishers seeking a piece of history.

Lake Blue Ridge

With its pristine surroundings, Lake Blue Ridge offers a serene environment for magnet fishing. While the lake is primarily known for traditional fishing, magnet fishers can also hope to find exciting discoveries submerged within its waters.

Lake Seminole

Formed by the damming of the Chattahoochee River, Lake Seminole covers both Georgia and Florida. Unearthing relics or intriguing finds along the reservoir’s shorelines can make for a memorable magnet fishing experience.

Lake Hartwell

Straddling the Georgia-South Carolina border, Lake Hartwell has a lot to offer magnet fishing enthusiasts. The vast area provides ample opportunities to search for various hidden treasures while enjoying a pleasant day outdoors.

Altamaha River

As the largest river in Georgia, the Altamaha River offers an extensive area for magnet fishers to explore. The river’s historical relevance, coupled with its remote location, makes it an ideal spot for unearthing underwater surprises.

Is Magnet Fishing Legal in Georgia?

Presently, Georgia doesn’t enforce specific laws barring magnet fishing. Consequently, you can pursue this hobby on public property without infringing any legal boundaries, as long as you’re not causing any disruptions. Nonetheless, you should always respect private properties and understand that local rules might differ. When dealing with historical artifacts, remember to comply with related laws, ensuring any significant discoveries are promptly reported to concerned authorities.

FAQ Section – Magnet Fishing in Georgia

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing involves using powerful magnets to recover ferrous (magnetic) materials from underwater. Much like traditional fishing, magnet fishing is both a peaceful pastime and an exciting treasure hunt where you never know what you might find.

Where can I magnet fish in Georgia?

Georgia is teeming with fantastic spots for magnet fishing, with the Chattahoochee River, Lake Oconee, Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier, Augusta Canal, Savannah River, Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Seminole, Lake Hartwell, and Altamaha River being some of the most popular.

Is magnet fishing legal in Georgia?

Yes, magnet fishing is currently legal in Georgia. As long as you’re on public land and not causing a disturbance, you can enjoy magnet fishing. However, as rules can differ locally, it is crucial to be aware and respectful of any local restrictions or guidelines.

Do I need to take any precautions during magnet fishing?

Absolutely! Always ensure the rope is securely attached to the magnet and that you’re wearing gloves to avoid rope burns. Keep a safe distance from the area where you throw the magnet to avoid accidents.

What can I find when I’m magnet fishing in Georgia?

The thrill of magnet fishing is you never know what you’re going to find. It could be anything from interesting metal artifacts, coins, antiques, tools, or other curiosities. Due to Georgia’s rich history, you may even come across historical relics!

What do I do if I find something historical or valuable?

If you happen to find something that could be of historical significance or value, you should report your find to local authorities. Each state has laws protecting historical artifacts, and any significant discoveries must be reported.

Can I magnet fish in private waters in Georgia?

Permission is needed to magnet fish in private waters. Always ensure you have gained the necessary permissions and rights before heading to privately-owned bodies of water.

Why should I try magnet fishing in Georgia?

Besides providing an exciting and unique pastime, Georgia’s abundance of large lakes and rivers, coupled with its rich history, increases your chances of uncovering something interesting or valuable deep beneath its waters.


To sum up, Georgia’s landscapes, embellished with inviting water bodies, are a magnet fisher’s dream. As you plan your adventure, remember to honor the local environment and laws, come prepared with necessary equipment, and lastly, have fun scouting for Georgia’s hidden underwater gems.

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