Essential Accessories for a Child’s Metal Detecting Kit

Metal detecting is a fun hobby that can stir a child’s curiosity and sense of adventure while teaching them valuable lessons about history and the earth’s resources. Here are the essential accessories to consider when putting together an ideal metal detecting kit for your child.

High-Quality, Child-Sized Metal Detector

Start off your child’s metal detecting experience with a metal detector specifically tailored for kids. The detector should be lightweight, easy to manipulate, with adjustable settings to filter different types of metals. Important features to look out for include a numerical target ID and depth indicator, which provide valuable information about the type and location of detected metals. For a comprehensive review and guide on choosing the best child-sized metal detectors, make sure to check this article.

Digging Tools

Since metal detecting involves a lot of digging, equip your child’s kit with child-friendly digging tools. A small, sturdy shovel and a handheld trowel are perfect for children. Be sure to pick tools with smoothed edges to prevent injury and ensure safe use.

Pro Pinpointer

A Pro Pinpointer is an essential aid in determining the exact location of your child’s treasure finds. It’s a small handheld device that emits a strong signal when it’s close to a metallic object, reducing unnecessary digging, and making the search more accurate and fun.

Finds Pouch

A finds pouch is a must for any young adventurer. Your child can use it to store and transport their exciting discoveries. Choose a pouch that can be securely attached to a belt or clothing for convenience.

Metal Detecting Headphones

Metal detecting headphones can help your child concentrate on tracking metal signals without unnecessary background noise distractions. Be sure to acquire comfortable and adjustable ones. The perfect pair should make different metals produce various tones, enabling quick and easy identification.

Protective Knee Pads

Metal detecting involves a lot of kneeling, and children’s knees can get sore pretty quickly. Including a pair of comfortable knee pads in your child’s kit will ensure they don’t get hurt and can enjoy their hobby for longer periods.

Explorer’s Guidebook

A beginner-friendly explorer’s guidebook will help your child get the hang of metal detecting quickly, teaching them where to look for treasures, how to decode different metal types, and handy safety tips. It’s an important treasure-trove of knowledge that no child’s metal detecting kit should be without.

Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is not only a fun tool for kids, but it also allows them to examine their finds closely. Small artifacts, delicate coin details, or inscriptions can be more easily appreciated under magnification.

Durable Gloves

A good pair of gloves can prevent blisters whilst digging and keep hands safe from sharp and dirty objects. Gloves made from light, breathable material and offering good mobility are best suited for children.

Snack Bag

Who doesn’t get peckish during a long day of adventuring? Pack a variety of your child’s favorite snacks to keep their energy levels up during their thrilling hunt.

Hydration Pack

Just as important as packing snacks is ensuring your child stays hydrated. Include a hydration pack or water bottle in the kit to provide ready access to water or other hydration drinks.

With these accessories in your child’s metal detecting kit, they are ready to explore and make fascinating discoveries. Metal detecting is more than just a hobby, it sets up your child for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

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