7 Best Places to Metal Detect for Kids

Metal detecting is a fantastic family activity that provides not only fun but also an exciting educational platform for kids. But, where are the best places to go metal detecting with your children? The answer might be closer than you think. Let’s explore some popular and kid-friendly choices:


One of the best places to begin your metal detecting adventures with kids is at the beach. Why? The vast landscape is a great location for finding lost items left behind, like coins, jewelry, and other small metal pieces. However, do remember to follow beach regulations regarding metal detecting.

Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds are also excellent locations for metal detecting. The areas where children play games or where park-goers sit and relax tend to accumulate lost items over time. Early morning, when the parks are relatively empty, can be an ideal time.

Forests and Hiking Trails

Forests and hiking trails present a unique opportunity to teach kids about nature while they search for hidden treasures. Kids can find old cans, coins, tools, and occasionally historical artifacts. Be sure to observe any regulations and respect the environment.

Fields and Farmlands

Open fields and farmlands, especially those with a long history, can be rich sources of findings. Children can uncover old farming tools, trinkets, coins, relics, devices, or even meteorites. Always ask for permission from the owners before exploring these areas.

School Yards and Campuses

School yards and campuses are places where kids lose things quite frequently. While school is out of session, one can often find objects like modern coins, costume jewelry, and even electronics. Always obtain permission from the appropriate authorities before operating metal detectors in these areas.

Historical Sites

Another promising location is a historical site, homes, or settlements. With a rich history, these places can potentially yield older, more valuable artifacts, from horseshoes to aged coins. Familiarize yourself with local laws regarding metal detecting in historical sites to avoid any legal issues.

Old Homes and Abandoned Properties

Old homes, especially those built in the 20th century or earlier, can yield relics of the past, such as old coins, metal toys, or historical items. The same holds for abandoned properties like old general stores, taverns, mills, or depots. Always remember to get permission before detecting on private property.


There’s a whole world of discovery waiting for your child right in your local area. Metal detecting can lead to fascinating finds, providing a unique, hands-on way for childen to connect with the past. However, make sure to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids, emphasizing on respect for private properties and historical sites, as well as adhering to local and state laws regarding metal detecting.

Equipped with their metal detector and your supervision, your kids are ready to set out on a treasure-hunting adventure. Check out this guide on the best metal detectors for kids to choose the tool that will make these adventures fruitful and memorable. With each beep, a story waits to be unveiled, sparking curiosity, learning, and tons of fun.

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